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Friday, January 31, 2014

40 Below at Ice on Whyte

At the Ice on Whyte Festival Wednesday, January 29/14, my friend Kim and I checked out the amazing ice and snow sculptures.  The one above is my favourite and I believe it won a prize.  After seeing and photographing all the sculptures, we went indoors - thankfully, dang it was a cold evening!  

 It was in this large heated tent we were delighted to listen to a few of the contributors to the book 
40 Below Edmonton's Winter Anthology. 

The 40 Below anthology is a collection of short stories, verse and poem by local authors and was released for publication November 2013.  Of course I got autographs from those I could catch.  I felt kind of bad for catching Garry Garrison (pictured uppermost above) as he was taking his grandchildren around with his wife to see the ice sculptures.  He was a good sport and signed his contribution in both our books.  He'll have to get used to being famous now!

Announced that evening was the upcoming sequel to 40 Below to be published November 2015. They are accepting winter related submissions from the entire province this time.  For more information, visit their site:  40 Below Project.  40 Below is available at local bookstores or by order via their website.

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