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Friday, March 8, 2013

Dead White and Blue - new Carolyn Hart novel coming May 2013

The following is an excerpt from the Carolyn Hart newsletter I received today.  I am so excited for a new Death on Demand mystery!!!  Three new titles will be released this year and six early books will once again be in print.

the 23rd Death on Demand title, May 2013

Annie Darling looks forward being in Max's arms at a July 4th dance, but her pleasure in the evening is marred by obviously strained relations among some of the revelers. A hot young second wife taunts both her husband and the woman he dumped, dances with a middleaged man who looks terrified, toys with the affections of another woman's husband, talks to someone in a dark shadow as the fireworks begins. She is last seen walking into the pines.

Within a few days, a stepdaughter asks Max to help find her. Annie, too, begins to look and soon it is apparent that she hasn't been seen since the night of the dance. Did she sail away on a millionaire's yacht? Or did she never leave the island?

Annie and Max follow clues, unravel the odd incidents that plagued the country club the night of the dance, and finally believe they know who committed murder, but this killer may be too clever to catch.
Other New Releases

February 2013: Once again in print: THE DEVEREAUX LEGACY, romantic suspense,
March 2013:  A SETTLING OF ACCOUNTS, suspense thriller
June 2013: ESCAPE FROM PARIS, WWII novel
July 2013: NO EASY ANSWERS, suspense
August 2013: BRAVE HEARTS, WWII novel
September 2013: DANGER; HIGH EXPLOSIVES!, suspense
October 2013: GHOST GONE WILD, the 4th Bailey Ruth Ghost title
December 2013: CRY IN THE NIGHT, the first print edition of a never-before-published thriller. December
The thrillers and suspense novels are harder-edged and faster-paced and I think will introduce you to a Carolyn Hart you've never known.

There's more information about these and other books on my website:www.CarolynHart.com

All Carolyn Hart books are available from your favorite bookseller


  1. This sounds like quite the mystery! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    1. Jess, it certainly does! Carolyn Hart is one of my all-time favourite mystery authors ever!!


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