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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One Movie Trailer

Thanks to The Book Vixen who posted the following trailer for the soon to be released The Lucky One.  I just had to share it here as well since I reviewed Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One back in January.

An excerpt from my review:

"Nicholas Sparks weaves a story of love, of mystery, of intrigue and suspense in this novel. ..... " 

"The Lucky One is the story of a young marine who, after returning from war, pursues his destiny, whatever that may mean.  His friend Victor, a strong believer in such things, is persuaded that the photo Logan found has preserved his life in-so-much that Victor deemed it possible to remain alive during the war by being in close proximity to Logan.  Logan is not convinced. However, he and Victor come home from war while many of their brigade aren't so lucky.  Still in possession of the photo of a young woman, Logan decides to follow Victor's advice when he tells him he must repay the debt.  He must find the woman in the photo."

"Sparks introduces us and seduces us so we are right there with the characters cheering them on, chastising at times, and eager to see justice.  The sudden plot turn near the end leaves the readers hanging until the epilogue.  A remarkable tool the author has developed to keep you guessing, until the last moment, if all will end happily ever after." (copyright My Bookshelf)

Now that you have seen the trailer, will you read the book?

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  1. Just looks like another generic chick flick to me. Something that really irks me about it though is it's really off-putting to see an author talk about how great his own book is. Just despicable.


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